conscious clothing for kids


Joyful prints and a rainbow of colours for boys and girls

Supersoft luxury eco fabrics…ultimate comfort for your child.

Fun to wear and built to last

Lovingly designed and made in Somerset

All from carefully sourced organic textiles

Making a difference..

Fashion is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. No getting away from it, there has to be a change in the way we shop, and the garments we buy.

Organic natural fibres are a huge step in the right direction, and here at Flintymcginty I won’t use anything else.

Organic cotton jerseys are carefully sourced from ethical and sustainable suppliers.

Then there’s hemp… a wonder textile that can provide so many answers! Using up to 80% less water than production of non-organic cotton, with no need for harsh Agro chemicals. Naturally anti-bacterial with incredible strength and durability, it outshines cotton at every turn.

The idea is to make these garments last… organic stretch jersey to grow with your child, high strength eco fibres to withstand wear and tear at every turn.


Organic hats


Kind to kids

Kind to the earth

Organic clothing


About me..

A career as a freelance interior designer, working around the world for a large Swedish Home furnishing company... I eventually found myself based in India, pursuing a passion for textiles in between contracts..and dreaming of starting a business.

When my son came along, those passions went on hold for a while. Having moved to Portugal to live in an eco community, my priorities were shifting… go small, reduce. simplify.

There’s nothing like having children to crystallise priorities. Choosing to say no to fast fashion, and become more aware of alternative solutions can really help make a difference.

One garment at a time... don’t sacrifice the style - help shape the future! x